Silent Mumbling..

The language of calm

The indicator of loneliness
The casting out of one
From the larger group

The strongest form of communication
Known to man
And also the most humbling
The most sinister
The most debilitating

From a friend or dear one
When no words are said
Not even the raise of an eyebrow
It engenders worry, fear, panic…
Abject terror at such potential loss

So little said
No words, no sound
And yet the pain
That can be caused by nothing
Is indescribable….

A life I wouldn’t mind living.- Completely zoned out!


Can I live a life surrounded by night, I ask.
The earth covered in serenity,
Where I hear total silence
& I’m left there sitting alone?

Can’t I lay back & watch the stars?

The wind whispering stories of where it has been
And the moon letting me dive into the deepest thoughts…

Where I find peace, where I dwell in serenity…

I want to fade away in the darkness and forget everything.
And live a life I wouldn’t mind living…