Watching Death

Candle, your life. One blow and its dark.

Candle, your life. One blow and its dark..

Seeing someone die, right before your eyes.

Moment of his death, I was by his side. 


When the heart beat slows, soon will be the end.. 

But do they go away, to a better place in the end? 


Wish I could believe, something more exists.

Heart beat fades away, not long to the end.


Part of me upset, at the loss of him.

Yes he was a stranger, but shared with me his last grin, 

Which was just an empty shell, wishing for the end…


Did not look in pain, just looked fast asleep.

Listening to the sound, I hear the final beep.

Nothing but machines, almost at the end…


I was numb. Shivering.

You should never see, you should never know.

Looking into death, watching someone go..


Then the heart beats gone, know that is the end…


Between night and day..


Between night and day

The sun just beginning to rise

Slowly changing the color of the canvas above

From black, to navy, to blue

Flecked with streaks of red

It is a curious time

Between asleep and awake

Few out unless they have to be

Early risers and people of the night

An unusual bunch

Yet they pay me no heed

As I walk, around the brightening buildings

Between night and day

I find my peace