Running from insanity

The voices around me
Are driving me insane
Empty cartons of people
Fussing about futile things
Only talking because the silence
Is unbearable; maddening.

And my mind tends to abscond away,
Far from this world that trite, bland
To the lands where the people are valiant
And the water one shade lighter
Than in this world of plain gray.

Watching Death

Candle, your life. One blow and its dark.

Candle, your life. One blow and its dark..

Seeing someone die, right before your eyes.

Moment of his death, I was by his side. 


When the heart beat slows, soon will be the end.. 

But do they go away, to a better place in the end? 


Wish I could believe, something more exists.

Heart beat fades away, not long to the end.


Part of me upset, at the loss of him.

Yes he was a stranger, but shared with me his last grin, 

Which was just an empty shell, wishing for the end…


Did not look in pain, just looked fast asleep.

Listening to the sound, I hear the final beep.

Nothing but machines, almost at the end…


I was numb. Shivering.

You should never see, you should never know.

Looking into death, watching someone go..


Then the heart beats gone, know that is the end…

Walk on the beach..

img_6913 (1)

A walk on the beach
The breeze on your face
Footprints in the sand
That leave not a trace
As the waves they roll in
Rhythmically lapping the shore
The power of the ocean
Hear its mighty roar

Yet calm is all around
Find your own inner peace
Earth wind, and water
Combine to release
Negative thoughts
Washed away by the tide
Balance and harmony
Feel centred inside

Hand in hand with the elements
Dancing water at your feet
The ocean stretching before you
A horizon never to meet
A walk on the beach
A stroll on the sand
Just you and nature
Together you stand

Fevered Dreams..

My mind’s a whirl,

  With crazy thoughts…

Of empty hope’s,

   And, feeling’s lost…

So many dream’s,


So many things happening,

   It’s so unreal…

I can’t stop this,

   Unforgiving cycle I’m on…

Of  nightmare filled dream’s,

   I’m so far gone…

Just reaching out,

   For anyone…

What goes around comes around!

what goes around comes around

Everything in life seems to run in a circle, coming around to the place it began. As a sequence of events, that is repeated again and again.

The earth spins around as it travels around the sun. The seasons begin, spring, summer, autumn, winter, starting the cycle around again.

Although our time pieces differ in shape and sizes, but time travels around from day to night and night to day. Birds build their nest in a circle. Many birds fly around and around.

Without round wheels we wouldn’t be able to transport people, merchandise and equipment or steer without a round steering wheel. Trees are round although some are proportional. Many times we come around to others way of thinking.
Water comes into the home by round tubing.  Water; whether hot or cold, it’s a round apparatus that lets water in  by turning it around and water when draining  goes around and around into a drain hole, that’s round.
When speaking with people, many times we go around in circles, before we say what we wanted to, especially if it’s a girl or boy we like or love. When anyone has ever been hit by another person, it’s a round fist that hits us, if using their hand.
When you are dizzy your head spins around and around before you fall down to the ground. A ball is round, a bat is round, a coin is round, heads are round even though we call some people, squares.
Being round, is it a coincident, a fact or is there a mystery unknown to our intellect. Let this go around and around in your head, before you come around.