I can feel the burning inside my stomach
As it thrives each coming day
Because everyday their screams become louder
When I can no longer endure to be the prey

I close my eyes tight
Seeing the pictures that I refuse to let out
They are like a scar forever residing in my mind.
But I cannot open my eyes for fear these creatures will doubt.

The shrieks of help does not cease
As I try and block out their scarring sounds
From my no longer innocent mind
That knows no longer any bounds

The fulfilment never comes
As I descend into my desires
Only when I seize to dream a life of independence
Do I see myself reaching those aspires

But is it this affliction
That leads me to my depression
Or is it those unforgotten memories
Which has forced me to my incarceration?


LOVE- The want to be wanted. A game? A mystery?





To him love is like fire,
Once he got close, it burned.
To her, love was like water,
Once she fell for the edge,
She drowned in it.
It was a four letter word,
Small and easy to spell.
Yet a mystery not solved to both of them…

Why am I so hard on myself?


Confused… Lost.!

I felt a little lost entering 2013,
the same amount of lost I felt leaving 2012.
I just don’t get it, this thing called life.

I thought I was getting it.
But it still eludes me.
Maybe just a little disillusioned.

I seek truth.
To fight lies that always seems to threaten my mind.
But there still seems to be two voices.
There are always two voices.
And I hate that I always end up in that awkward middle ground.

Maybe this is everyone’s struggle.
Thinking we’re getting better,
Till something comes and knocks us down again.
Most of the time though,
I think, that something is me.
There is no one else to blame.

Fevered Dreams..

My mind’s a whirl,

  With crazy thoughts…

Of empty hope’s,

   And, feeling’s lost…

So many dream’s,


So many things happening,

   It’s so unreal…

I can’t stop this,

   Unforgiving cycle I’m on…

Of  nightmare filled dream’s,

   I’m so far gone…

Just reaching out,

   For anyone…