You caught me over-thinking!



Lights off,

laying in my bed.

Can’t fall asleep or

am I choosing not to?

Change, maybe that is

what I am looking for.

Perhaps a different avenue.

A different outlook.

Go away for a while,

or go away forever.

Move on,

or work with what I have.

Try harder,

or maybe just give up.

Dance the night away,

or stay sitting all night.

Push myself to the limit,

or hold myself back.

Dream those endless dreams,

or stay wide-awake.

Ahh, who knows,

where either will take me

but maybe,

maybe you just got me



3:05 am

Chasing night.... probably over thinking!

Chasing night…. probably over thinking!

There are some nights I find myself caught by my own reflection in a stranger’s mirror and I stand there scrutinizing every dip and curve trying to understand how this all came to be.
The time of pain and disappointment have found a stable home in the lines of my face and it has altered the shape of it into a person I fail to see.
I don’t recognize myself and these endless thoughts tumbling around, so foreign that I fear they belong to someone else entirely. I don’t want them and need to give them back right now. Take them back!