Remember to forget, forget to remember…

Maybe it is that simple…

Only a thought, a word, a sound…

Yet it brings it all back, and you back down…

I close my eyes (:

I close my eyes
I imagine us entwined
I imagine us survive
I wish this magic wouldn’t ever die

And it did
It lied and you never cried
Why didn’t you show more?
Who am I kidding- there was nothing more.

I’m broken inside
I sigh, you leave and that’s the goodbye.
Why did you make me want you more?
Who am I kidding- you don’t want this anymore.

And I miss us-
When I close my eyes-
I miss us.

Your scent lingers longer
And the stent of old magic overpowers the hunger.
The hunger for you.
When I close my eyes
You hold me still.
That old familiar warmth of you remains, still.

I’m restless,
When I close my eyes.
This love is tasteless,
When I close my eyes.

Nothing can hide my sadness
Even when I close my eyes
They open to Love’s fairy tales and
Our futures’ lies..