What if a person you love a lot leaves you? or What if the thing you really worked hard for gets misplaced or stolen?Can you do anything about it, except feeling upset  or either way taking it easy?

I know you’ll must be thinking what I’m talking about, but seriously this is where MOST of the people lack behind and rush into the so called “emotional feelings” which is noting but “emotional drama”. You cry for hours, listen to slow heart broken songs, think about it, feel upset about it, get into depression etc.

And now after reading this you’ll be like- ”How can anyone take it easy? I worked hard for it? I gave it my life, my time, my happiness? Its not a game!”  Ahah.. Well i know its not. I know you cant get over easily. But what else can you do? Feel upset, if you want; take it easy, if you want- either way, after the emotional drama, what has to be done has to be done.

the child has failed in one of the subjects. The father slaps the child a few times. The mother hits herself on her forehead several times and cries. After all the emotional drama, what? Now you will have to take greater care while coaching your child in that subject- he might perhaps require special tuition- what has to be done has to be done. From a stock market crash to a ke emplyee’s resignation to the death of a loved one… after the emotional drama what has to be has to done.

Here we’re not discussing about being emotional, but about avoiding dramatic  emotional reactions. Understandably, you will skip a heartbeat when you lose someting, you will sink into helplessness when your effort fails, legitimate tears will roll down at the loss of a beloved.

Emotions-yes. Emotional drama-no!

& keeping this mind I pen down few words:

How long will you bang against the wall?

You may begin to bleed,

but the wall will never open up for you…

How long will you curse your luck

and wait under a mango tree

expecting oranges?

You may drop dead,

but not a single orange

will drop from a mango tree…

What is, is.

What is not, is not.

Genius is in knowing

what to hold on and when to let go.