Mood Swings…

Mirror, mirror mounted on the wall,

Which mind of this face will appear to all,

This multi-faceted mind of power,

With  the abilities to change from hour to hour.

The anxious, distorted mind of a ravenous pig,

Whose lies and deceptions are so out of control,

To get all it desires; to eat, slurp, and gorge itself full,

What a repulsive, gross, disgusting, gluttonous pig.

My guilty mind is not far to follow,

I must get to a bathroom, bucket or bag,

And purge, rinse and purge, until I’m empty and hollow,

Getting instant relief with a high to follow.

Sadness and depression, so heavy, so suffocating,

Bring tears of self pity, hopelessness and despair,

Never ending depression brings on pain so excruciating,

That thoughts of death and dying seem the only solution.

The happiness and giddiness lighten my load,

Until the inappropriate giggles begin to errode,

The happiness I felt begins to fade away,

Replaced with anxieties that my sanity may stray.

The anger, the rage, hit me square in the face,

A rage so intense, that I’m boiling mad, shaking and seething,

It’s spilling out of me as fast as it’s being replaced,

A rage like this I’ve never felt; a need to yell back, would be so relieving.

The reality sets in, that these moods just aren’t right,

Am I losing control of my sanity, along with this plight,

The inappropriate giggling and quick changing moods,

The depression and the powerful need to die, forces me back into solitude.