Magic lights… it’s better as only friendship!

Between love and friendship
I’m waving like a lost ship

Between black and white
Grey takes away my sight

Between doubt and certitude
How can I have such an attitude?

I no more bear the confusion
Tell me is it truth or illusion?

I was dreaming when there came
A strange feeling I cannot name

Since long you’ve been my only mate
My soul only you can penetrate

Inside me only you can see
Like sugar in a cup of tea
Like the door knows the key
Like the flower waits the bee

Today it is clearly seen
In between I should never have been

To a strong feeling you were blind
Something your eyes no longer hide

To your best friend love you can fake
Not knowing his heart you can break

Why am I so hard on myself?


Confused… Lost.!

I felt a little lost entering 2013,
the same amount of lost I felt leaving 2012.
I just don’t get it, this thing called life.

I thought I was getting it.
But it still eludes me.
Maybe just a little disillusioned.

I seek truth.
To fight lies that always seems to threaten my mind.
But there still seems to be two voices.
There are always two voices.
And I hate that I always end up in that awkward middle ground.

Maybe this is everyone’s struggle.
Thinking we’re getting better,
Till something comes and knocks us down again.
Most of the time though,
I think, that something is me.
There is no one else to blame.

One of those nights..

Those nights when you just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling and try to make sense of it all. You try to figure out why certain things in your life happen and if there really is some greater scheme at the end of this all. Some kind of plan that has been put into place, and all the good and bad experiences that happen are simply meant to bring you closer to that end goal. Is it that? Or is life just purely coincidental and accidental? Yup it’s one of those nights.