The Nobody.

For what’s it worth,
We desperately want ourselves,
To be remembered,
To be loved,
To be beloved to somebody else.

In the end.
We are only somebody.
To somebody who really cares.
As to the rest,
We are nobody but everybody.

# Its this vicious cycle of the person you love not loving you back, but the person who is nobody, loves you like crazy!


2 comments on “The Nobody.

  1. Dave says:

    When I was a youth, a felt like a nobody for sure. So I became a student of loving others without any expectation of something in return and it has made my life richer and fuller. By the time my wife of 38 years chose to love me, I was prepared to return that love in the way she deserved. We can’t force somebody to love us, but we all have the power to love others, and a lifetime of fulfillment can be found in the practice of it.

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