Watching Death

Candle, your life. One blow and its dark.

Candle, your life. One blow and its dark..

Seeing someone die, right before your eyes.

Moment of his death, I was by his side. 


When the heart beat slows, soon will be the end.. 

But do they go away, to a better place in the end? 


Wish I could believe, something more exists.

Heart beat fades away, not long to the end.


Part of me upset, at the loss of him.

Yes he was a stranger, but shared with me his last grin, 

Which was just an empty shell, wishing for the end…


Did not look in pain, just looked fast asleep.

Listening to the sound, I hear the final beep.

Nothing but machines, almost at the end…


I was numb. Shivering.

You should never see, you should never know.

Looking into death, watching someone go..


Then the heart beats gone, know that is the end…


3 comments on “Watching Death

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  2. Eric says:

    We grapple with death much more than life; our breath slows, spirit leaves our body, just as it does all whose toes barely touch its surf.

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