My First Prom.

Standing in front of the door, its him.
I hold myself confident as I go down the stairs.
My friend gazes with her narrowed eyes.
Tension or envy?
Butterflies in my stomach..
Those words she said run through my mind.

I flush, I look down…
Ashamed.. Blushing..
He stares at me with uncertainty.
Why did he have to ask me?

My friend acts so sweet.
If only she was always like this.
If only she knew the real ‘me’ that I do.

I smile at him as he grins with pride.
Regret and anxiety pierce my mind,
As I am being tortured with words spoken.
But it doesn’t bother me.
Hiding scars and hiding fears,
Appearing beautiful and unbroken.

He puts his arm around me.
We laugh the time away.
Sadness and her words are forgotten.

Finally, the last step…ready!
He opens the door for me;
And we arrive to prom with stares.
He grabs my hand, and helps me.
Our name is being shouted with awe.

We go inside with many girls in dresses.
They all are so pretty and so happy.
All smiles and laughter, no room for fear
A full time show with the stage following me.
I can do this.
*Deep breath*

As we were guided to the dance room,
I couldn’t help but gaze at the beauty.
Balloons, flowers, dimmed lights.
My first prom.

Time was passed right before my eyes.
Going by unnoticed with laughter, dancing,
Pictures and poses, compliments, friends,
Happiness…….memories to cherish.
My first prom.


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