Harder better, faster stronger.

Never been stronger.

Now I know what I need to be!
Anything, anyone-as long as it’s me,
No one’s allowed to see my tears again,
they’re too precious to be seen.

This life worth’s nothing, but we still fight.
Those eyes of hell and heaven showed me the Light…

I need nothing more, now I know the way,
and I’m getting wiser and stronger every day.
I look at their eyes, I see empty space.
They’re just too blind to see,
They say words they do not mean,
They do things they do not believe,
So many lies and nothing’s real.
Some may say they know it all,
But still this thing they do not know.


My ambition, my dreams,
to travel and unravel.
The secrets of a world unseen,
by many other human beings.

I must go and discover.
But first I need to know more
I have to study and play.
Skipping all the stones of risk,
That lies on my way.
And block my path to my Destiny…

I need to see the pale white moon,
I must explore the earth
I need to learn about the “Big Bang”,
The Universe , and its birth…



7 comments on “Harder better, faster stronger.

  1. smilecalm says:

    May your heart feel safe and free.

  2. Mysteriously Quiet says:

    I enjoyed reading this beautifully written poem. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Advisor says:

    may your heart keep beating like the drum of a 10000 native Americans

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