Walk on the beach..

img_6913 (1)

A walk on the beach
The breeze on your face
Footprints in the sand
That leave not a trace
As the waves they roll in
Rhythmically lapping the shore
The power of the ocean
Hear its mighty roar

Yet calm is all around
Find your own inner peace
Earth wind, and water
Combine to release
Negative thoughts
Washed away by the tide
Balance and harmony
Feel centred inside

Hand in hand with the elements
Dancing water at your feet
The ocean stretching before you
A horizon never to meet
A walk on the beach
A stroll on the sand
Just you and nature
Together you stand


4 comments on “Walk on the beach..

  1. Pranjulaa says:

    very beautifully written.
    Love this one. 🙂

  2. We have no tide in Sweden. Liked your poem . Easy to underrstand. Pleasant language.

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