One of those nights..

Those nights when you just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling and try to make sense of it all. You try to figure out why certain things in your life happen and if there really is some greater scheme at the end of this all. Some kind of plan that has been put into place, and all the good and bad experiences that happen are simply meant to bring you closer to that end goal. Is it that? Or is life just purely coincidental and accidental? Yup it’s one of those nights.


2 comments on “One of those nights..

  1. Daniel says:

    We are like a puzzle piece out of context sometimes, that’s when we wonder. We are like “who the hell am I compared to this crazy picture.” But it’s because we are looking at a fragment trying to see the rest of the picture from such a distorted limited perception: from our own image. If we meditate and take a step back, our puzzle piece is the only one that makes sense in that position. But when we look back to the single puzzle piece, it seems so weird and different than the other pieces when its alone. Throw it into context and it makes a lot more sense. We are fractals creating the rhythmic pattern of God.

    Yep, my whole life is one of those nights. Constantly observing the universe, and being astounded by the simplicity within the complexity. And the beauty of connection that is so incredibly unfathomable. Then I just sit….. and feel it. It feels good expanding to the whole picture, and being in a different perspective than the one I trap myself into most of the time.

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