We talk, but we do not meet

We greet, but we do not touch

We share, but we do not hold

We befriend, but we do not go further

Who am I to know

What is on the other end?

The unerring trust of the web

Assumes honesty

But who knows, who can know?

It makes sense to be wary

To be guarded, yet how can I

When there is so much out there

So much wonder, brilliance

So much it demands attention

Requires an ever deeper presence

Sometimes, more than is wise,

More than is safe

But willingly sent



4 comments on “Online

  1. Ben Naga says:

    A fair summation. People “say” things on line that they would not normally revealed to others (except perhaps in therapeutic setting?) Indeed one wise on line friend of mine described e-logging free therapy.

  2. Simran Deol says:

    I LOVE THIS !! 😀 xx<3

  3. I resonate with this one!
    Thank you for following my blog – I’ll look forward to reading more of your poetry. 🙂

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