Impressions from a changing soul.

Time passes over my mind, listening to a million voices instead than mine.

ME and I. I and ME

I’m waiting for the moment that will set us free.

I know my past, my scars and my soul

but my voice stuck, can’t come out of my throat

Dense in my emptiness- I witness the present

lost in my weakness

sliding into confusion.

Where’s my will, where’s my SELF.

I’ve lost my consciousness, I’m traveling blind.

Searching in others what I wish to be mine

Exploiting or exploited, doesn’t matter where you stand it’s what’s in your mind.

That makes you take a stand, but when you’re left alone with your own thoughts,  you wish I was you and you were me.

Waiting for the moment that will set us free.

Courage and fears taken by the hand, will led us to change this land.

For the million have fought for they’re in us.

And now it’s our turn, against greedy ghosts with no return.

{Oh Souls}

Give us strength to look inside.

Find there’s no reason to be terrified energies surround us and won’t stop to be, we’re just little things that have come to see.

What is around us by mirrors, it’s not reality what we’re in, we construct and destroy like toddlers with legos our universe is only our ego.

I want my mind to find another way to understand what took us away from each other, from nature and the world.

Breaking the glass, opening windows, see the world as big as my heart we are one but we wont be until the moment we let OUR SOULS free.

Our souls free…


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