Looks can be deceptive.


She has secrets you’ll never know/understand,
She appears so strong on the outside, but inside her world is spinning upside down,
She’s smiling on the outside, but she’s crying and breaking down in her inner world.
She appears so happy but cries when alone.
She knows not to get her hopes up as they always come crashing down.
She’s heard it all before & felt it all, she’s experienced more than her fair share..

One touch & she’ll flinch.
One harsh word & she’ll cry.
One bad moment & she’ll break.

 She trusts no one because the people she has, lie & betray her so for now she’ll keep to herself & pretend everything is fine, when actually everything’s wrong…


8 comments on “Looks can be deceptive.

  1. “She’ll keep to herself and pretend everything is fine…when actually everything’s wrong.” Sometimes you’ve got to unlock you’re outer façade to let your emotions breathe outside of their own realm to gain a sense of relief. It tends to get squishy inside the inner dome of feelings, you need to mentally focus on getting better instead of investing so much belief into how depressed, sad, or down you are.

  2. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    Yes! So many hurting people in this world, not just women/girls, but men/boys too. Powerful post-thank you so much for sharing this…

    • Thankss:) I speak my heart out. Nothing made up. Yes, there must a lot of people out there going through the same things. But not everybody opens up about there depressive mood swings. I hope it didn’t pass on to u n made u any worse. That’s my only fear…

  3. One Piece Journal says:

    I love it!Thank you for a wonderful entry!:)

  4. Reblogged this on itisjustmille and commented:
    Even clowns feel pain too.

  5. Appearances can be deceiving, so true. I remember feeling like the person I was to the world was not the real me, it was the happy-go-lucky version of me that I presented to the world. I felt that the real me was the one who cried alone at home, who felt like lying in bed and never waking up, until, a therapist asked me whether could think of the happy version of me as the real me instead of the depressed version. I have been mulling that one over for a long time. And the journey continues…Happy trails!

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