What goes around comes around!

what goes around comes around

Everything in life seems to run in a circle, coming around to the place it began. As a sequence of events, that is repeated again and again.

The earth spins around as it travels around the sun. The seasons begin, spring, summer, autumn, winter, starting the cycle around again.

Although our time pieces differ in shape and sizes, but time travels around from day to night and night to day. Birds build their nest in a circle. Many birds fly around and around.

Without round wheels we wouldn’t be able to transport people, merchandise and equipment or steer without a round steering wheel. Trees are round although some are proportional. Many times we come around to others way of thinking.
Water comes into the home by round tubing.  Water; whether hot or cold, it’s a round apparatus that lets water in  by turning it around and water when draining  goes around and around into a drain hole, that’s round.
When speaking with people, many times we go around in circles, before we say what we wanted to, especially if it’s a girl or boy we like or love. When anyone has ever been hit by another person, it’s a round fist that hits us, if using their hand.
When you are dizzy your head spins around and around before you fall down to the ground. A ball is round, a bat is round, a coin is round, heads are round even though we call some people, squares.
Being round, is it a coincident, a fact or is there a mystery unknown to our intellect. Let this go around and around in your head, before you come around.


2 comments on “What goes around comes around!

  1. This is great, i don’t know how you found my blog but i’m glad you did. Nice style.

  2. lostsoulfound says:

    I really like what you wrote. Life is a circle taking us around and around to see where we’ve been, where we are now and where we can go. We also have the opportunity to look back around the corner to see what happened but it’s remembering to look around the corner ahead of you that makes life worth living.

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