Magic? is it?

Think about it: It all just feels so fake, you know? This idea that good things happen to good people. That there’s magic in the world, and that the meek and the righteous will inherit it. Too many good people suffer for that to be true. Too many prayers go unanswered. And every day it just gets worse. Every day we ignore how truly broken this world is, and we tell ourselves it’s all going to be okay. But it’s not going to be okay. And once you know that, there’s no going back.

There’s no magic in the world…at least today there isn’t..


5 comments on “Magic? is it?

  1. hodgepodge4thesoul says:

    I appreciate your honesty! Thank you so much for the follow-very pleased to meet you.


  2. Mala Teaha says:

    Everyday is a magic gift for us, even if, it’s a bad or a great day. Isn’t it ?
    Thank you for your visit on my blog and…I’m really pleased by what I found here !

  3. Maybe we don’t see the magic because we look for it in all the wrong places…at least, that’s what I had been doing for years until realizing it! Keep positive and the world will reflect its positivity back to you (that’s a guarantee) 🙂

  4. Sabina Brave says:

    I suffered a lot, but I still believe, that being good is proper way to live. Besides positive thinking really helps. If not to get, what we want, so to suvrive.

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