Reason for my tears..

You will never know the reason for my tears
what lives inside
and haunts my dreams
the past, the pains and fears.

You will never know the reason for my tears
I will hide them
I will lie
I’ve done this for many years.

Accept that you will never know
accept what I will share
for if you knew the me inside
I somehow doubt you’d care..


7 comments on “Reason for my tears..

  1. snowgood says:

    I’m not sure if you’re posting this to a lover that you’ve lost or as signal of desperation. There’s someone here cares, and your writing and the blog layout are outstanding.

  2. Life on the Potter's Wheel says:

    You’re right, I may not know any more the reason for your tears other than what you choose to share with me, but God knows and wants you to give it to Him, to allow Him to heal the pain your tears reflect. Pain is often an essential part of the growth and transformation process, but it is not meant to be a state of existence, merely a transition to a better version of who we are. This is exactly what it will be if you begin to allow God to heal you. Your pain can be used to heal others as well, but I think given the beauty of your writings, you may already know this. If not, now you do. And for the lost love you’ve shed tears over, let your tears of sadness turn to tears of joy. If God allowed someone to leave your life, they were never meant to stay there or He would have made sure they did. The loss is theirs to shed tears over, not yours. Know that He has a better plan for you if you trust Him to bring it to pass. Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you find healing, comfort and hope there and in God’s loving arms. :O)

    • Topdip says:

      thank you so much for these lovely words.. they really enlighten me with a better perspective towards life.. I’m sure I’ll get to learn more from your writings 🙂

  3. wisejourney says:

    There is always someone listening; be sure of that

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