Dreams, just a delusion, just an illusion… They’re nothing.

People dream of fairy tales like Cinderella, Red Riding Hood that always end up saying- “lived happily there after”.

But life, miles away from the land of fantasy…

Not a bed of roses! Comes up with many problems & difficulties, which we have to face, face them boldly. Happily, without any sheds of tears…

People wish life was a movie, where everything happened the way you want… “At a perfect time, perfect way.”

But still dreamt if they were true…

Everyone attain some or the other dream! Dreams related to success, related to family, related to future, when some related to love…

In a way- Related to HAPPINESS.

For few it’s a dream come true,

When for few it’s just a dream- ‘still a dream’

You live it, you laugh it,

You enjoy it, you behold it,

Yes, you dream…

You make it, you dream it, you strive for it.

You dream it, you dreamt it, you dreamt it..

But there comes a day a mistake breaks it!

Everything gets over…

dreams break like broken glasses.

Leaving behind those memories, tarnished scars, tears

& that never ending  pain…


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