Holaa People! :)

Coming back from Dubai after a long refreshing holiday, I was floating on a cloud of utter joy, blissfully unaware of the personal challenges and surprises that were about to hit me in the coming month.

While I fantasized over the telling of what happened over the past month, it quickly became obvious that the toughest part of my existence is the potential of disclosing too much about my personal life, thus invading the privacy of those closes to me. Despite the juiciness of the story, I’ve decided to leave most of the details private.

I thought a lot on why I wanted to write about it, and it became clear to me that the essence of the story is that we are forever riding the ups and downs of life (topdip), and that sometimes when the downs get really down, we lose touch with reality. In those moments, all we need is hope and a push to remind us that it is only temporary, and that the highs are not far away.

So my fellow readers hope you like what I write! :)

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One comment on “Holaa People! :)

  1. The Writer says:

    I can relate with your fears of disclosing alot about your personal life. Guess we have something in common. You are kinda like my voice. hehe

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